FRESHKO is a movement - a lifestyle with deep roots in graffiti, music, art, and fashion. The FRESHKO style is smooth, classic, balanced, versatile, strong, and positive. Wiz has said that music, graffiti, art, skating, and dancing fall under the same roof - they are all skills used to express yourself. FRESHKO is about being a part of a team that will enhance your vision, grow your knowledge, and share your craft with the world.

The Elemonkey is the signature FRESHKO logo. It symbolizes good luck, fortune, strength, courage, wisdom, intelligence, and leadership.

The Circle F represents a solid foundation. The circle symbolizes solidity, completion, and infinity. The "F" symbolizes fundamentals, focus, freedom, foundation, future, and family.

FRESHKO is bringing something new to the game - FKO - FRESH KNOWLEDGE OF. No matter what your talents are, keep working on your craft, and rep that shit to the fullest.