FRESHKO is above and beyond your average new clothing line. It is a movement , lifestyle and stee with deep roots in graffiti , music , art and fashion. A few ways to describe our style, which we like to call stee, is smooth , timeless , relevant , classic , balance , versatile , strong , positive and universal. As Wiz said music, graffiti, art, skating & even dancing all fall under the same roof -skills- a way to express yourself , be apart of a team and put vision & knowledge of your craft out there to share with others. That is what we are building at FRESHKO, a skilled team.

Freshko’s business partner / designer sketch is more than seasoned in the clothing business and graff world. Starting off from a legendary graff crew out of SF ( icp ) he grew up being inspired by and working with artists like SPIE ( tmc / tdk ) , DREAM ( tdk / fc ) , DUG1 ( tmf ) and barry mcgee aka TWIST, and through this created his own style and vision. Sketch helped develop and design DIAMOND SUPPLY CO’S identity with childhood friend NICK TERSHAY as well as being one of the original designers for DGK in 2003

Wiz has always been into fashion , and now that Berner is well seasoned with his ‘Cookies’ clothing line its only natural to make FRESHKO a company and nation wide movement.

FRESHKO has two icons. The elemonkey symbolizes good luck , fortune , strength , courage , wisdom ,intelligence leadership and career victory. The circle f represents the solid foundation … the ” circle ” represents solidity , completion , infinite ,360 degrees , full circle . the ” f ” represents the fundamentals , focus , freedom , foundation, future & family ..

FRESHKO is bringing something new to the game for everyone to be apart of … FKO .. FRESH KNOWLEDGE OF, meaning … whatever your best at , any craft or talent in any business or career …. rep that shit to the fullest.